Business Signage

Professionally installed and professionally designed Business Signs sell your business Services to potential customer every day. Here at BMD Signs & Wraps we know the importance of having eye catching business signage which helps you get notices in the saturated high street we face today.
BMD Signs & Wraps offer many different types of business signage depending on your requirement

Professional Business Sign Makers West Midlands

BMD Signs & Wraps are experience in every kind of Business Signage and we can offer bespoke packages that are the right solution for you as a Professional Business Sign Makers based in the West Midlands

In The Saturated Market Place we face today, For a business to succeed, the y need to have eye catching yet affordable signs.
As a professional Sign Makers Birmingham, We believe that every sign we manufacture needs to be different. Thats why we have dedicated designers to make sure your Sign is as unique and eye catching as possible.

As we take our sign making very serious, We firmly believe that using sub standard materials such as Foam Board or correx as a main sign is unacceptable, therefore we offer Aluminium Composite panel at the same cost. This way you as a customer will get a sign that will last 7 years +

Looking at Re-vamping your Business Look?

BMD Signs & Wraps are happy to consult with you to find the right type of signage for your shop front,
A new Business Signage from Ourselves could Totally Revamp the look of your premises, attract new business and bring you to the attention of passers by.

Do you need Internal Signs as well?

As Professional Business Sign Makers West Midlands , We firmly believe that all internal signs should follow the corporate branding of the business set by the main sign. These internal signs ( Or directional signs) should strengthen the presence of the main sign and be the same colours, shapes and text styles, therefore giving your business an outstanding visual appearance.

Business Sign Makers West Midlands
 Business Sign Makers West Midlands
  • Design Process as Professional Business Sign Makers West Midlands

    From the initial inquiry, All Business signage we design as a Professional Business Sign Makers West Midlands are done in programs such as Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC at 25% or 100% scale. All elements are drawn in CMYK and are carefully picked to suit your brand guidelines. Any visuals that we produce will be the exact colour/ sizes as seen on screen.
    All full colour images are carefully picked so that the quality of the print is outstanding, or are vectored to give the perfect result.
    In the approval document for your Business Signage , we detail all elements of your requirement when needed, so you get a good understanding of how it will look.
    Our Designers have approximately 13 years experience ( Jointly) and are able to design almost anything you can think of making BMD as professional sign makers Birmingham

    Manufacture Process

    • Once the design for your Business Signage has been confirmed and the price agreed, we begin manufacture of your product.
      We manufacture all products in house to keep costs low and quality to the highest standard using our CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, Large format Printers & Large Vinyl Cutters,
      Everything we manufacture has to pass quality control before we will install.
      All electrical work is over looked by our NICEIC approved contractor is has the associated paperwork.

      • All CNC Cut vinyls have a 5 -7 year life expectancy giving our customers the best value for money
      • All Signage materials we use are of a top quality named brand (E.G Dibond)

      Installation Process

      As a Professional Business Sign Makers We install all business signage Through Out the West Midlands, However, we also install nationwide.
      All Signage that we install are installed keeping in mind safety and potential hazards in mind. our team as 15 years experience of installing graphics on vehicles.

      All Business Signage we install are installed using the correct fixings for the building. All electrical hook up can either be done by out NICEIC Approved contractor, or you can have another professional install it for you to conform to your buildings insurance.

      Types of signs we manufacture

      Fascia Signs

      Fascia Signs, Sign Makers, Signs

      Fascia signs are a very important part of any business to attract potential customers in to your store. Poor design or rough looking signs can detir customers from entering your store

      Monolith Signs / Totem Signs

      Monolith Signs ( Totem Sign) are Visually outstanding alternative to a Post & Panel sign. Monolith signs ( Totem Sign) can be illuminated or non illuminated

      Illuminated Signs

      Illuminated Signs, Sign Makers, Signs

      Illuminated Signs are the perfect choice for businesses who want maximum exposure in day and night



Office Tech Signs / Indoor Signage

Office tech signs are a classy way of promoting your business both internally and externally

Custom Printed Wall Paper

Custom Printed Wall paper, Wall Wraps

Custom Printed Wallpaper can be used to liven up reception rooms, Dining rooms the same as standard wall paper. Custom Printed Wallpaper is applied exactly the same as conventional wall paper but can be up to 4ft wide