Built Up Letters & Shapes

Build up letters are the most desirable type of signage out. These signs are one of our most requested signs.

Built Up Letters


uilt up Letters are a very competitive way of promoting your business in the best possible light.
Built up letters can be made to most fonts & shapes.
The depth of the letters ( Known as the return) can be customized to suit your personal requirement.
Built Up Letters are a very popular choice for Large retail outlets and also Restaurants/
The texts can give a striking effect and give excellent contrast to any background they are fitted to. Not only this, Built up letters can also be back lit or front lit with LED lights ( See illuminated Signs section of our website)
Built up letters can be made from many types of materials to include acrylics, Aluminium and stainless steel
BMD Signs & wraps are one of a few companies who manufacture these built up letters in house, thus been very competitive on price

Built Up Letters | Built Up Sign Letters
Built Up Letters | Built Up Sign Letters
Built Up Letters | Built Up Sign Letters

Customization Size

Any built up letters & shapes are custom made to suit the customers requirement
Built up letters can be made to any size and shape

Extensive Colours

Built up letters and shapes Can be made from over 150 Different acrylic Colours, and also various other finished to include stainless steel, Brushed steel and aluminium.
Practically anything is possible when it comes to colour

Most Shapes & Fonts Achievable

As all Built up letters are started by cnc routing or laser cutting the front and rear face. Most shapes and fonts are achievable.
Fonts and shapes that have jagged edges and small holes in the font face are achievable.