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Fascia signs are a very important part of any business to attract potential customers in to your store. Poor design or rough looking signs can detir customers from entering your store

Fascia Signs


n the saturated market place we see today on high streets, Factories and shopping complexes, Having a poorly designed Fascia Signs will deter potential customer from entering your shop on the basis of a rough look.
Fascia signs say a lot about your shop and the products you sell.
For Example
If your fascia sign is made from foamboard or correx, you are suggesting to any potential customer that you are selling cheap goods. Foam Board or correx although extremely cheap, after 6 months will look dirty, tatty and generally make the shop look run down and detract potential customer from entering your store.

Their are so many different options available for fascia signs to include
Choice of colour, Choice of finish, Materials, Type of letters ( Standoff or flat cut letters) & Illumination to name but a few.
For all our Fasica Signs, We use the highest quality materials for a long lasting and visually outstanding Fascia Signs.
We also understand that Content is key and 75% of the time less is certainly more.
As well as External Fascia Signs, we firmly believe that all internal signs should follow the corporate branding of the business set by the main sign. These internal signs ( Or directional signs) should strengthen the presence of the main sign and be the same colours, shapes and text styles, therefore giving your business an outstanding visual appearance.
We install Fascia Signs nationwide for many large companies, Our expert staff are fully converse with modern manufacturing techniques.
So if you would like to alter the appearance of your fascia signs for the better, We can survey your site and offer you our professional advise on how to do this and of course give you a free no obligation quotation.

Fascia Signs
Fascia Signs
Fascia Signs

Customizable Size

Any Fascia Signs is custom made to suit the customers requirement
Fascia Signs can be as small as 6ft x 1ft up to a massive 5ft x 100ft,

Extensive Colour Options

As all Built up letters are first CNC routed or laser cut to give the correct shape of the letters or logo, Most font and shapes are achievable.
There are a few exceptions like jagged fonts and also fonts with small holes in which is almost impossible to do.

Flat Or Curved Faces

All Fascia Signs Front Faces can either be flat, or can have a curved surface.
Curved Fascia Signs are very popular choice with estate agents to give a overall bigger look.