Flat Cut Letters

Flat cut letters give a 3d effect to your signage thus giving your business a bigger impact than standard vinyl cut letters.

Flat Cut Letters


lat cut letters give you a semi 3d effect to your signage rather than having cut vinyl lettering on your signs.
Most companies who we manufacture signage for prefer to have Flat cut letter letters and logos as it does not cost much more than having vinyl lettering.
Flat cut letters can be made from many materials and colours to include carbon fiber, Stainless Steel, Brushed Aluminium and chrome
BMD Signs & Wraps are one of a few signage companies who can manufacture Flat cut letters in house thus being very competitive on price
One of the main benifits of Flat cut letters is almost any shape, font and size is achievable.
Flat cut letters also do not have to be stuck to a backing board, they can also be individually positioned on the building.

Flat Cut Letters | Sign Letters
Flat Cut Letters | Sign Letters

Any Size Possible

All Flat cut letters can be made to any size and shape required. The largest we have manufactured so far is pictured above ( Base Gym) The letter were almost 3ft tall and the total sign was over 100ft long. All letters were then individually placed on to the building to include the bullet points

Extensive Colours Available

Flat Cut letters can be made from over 480 Different Colours to include matt, semi matt and gloss colours as well. They can also be made from carbon fibre effect, chrome and also stainless steel effect
Practically anything is possible when it comes to colour

Stand Off or flat mounted

Flat cut letters can by fixed to your sign in many different Ways

  • Flat cut letters can be directly to your building individually using Stand offs ( 1 Inch Clear Spacers) .
  • Mounted to a sign tray using the same method
  • Be mounted to your signboard with no spacers

Long Lasting

As Flat cut letters are cut directly out of materials such as aluminium, Acrylics and stainless steel, they will last over 15 years,.

Free Design Service

As standard, we include all design work within the price for Flat cut letters.


As we are one of a few signage companies who have cnc and laser capabilities, we can manufacture all flat cut letters in house, thus been very competitive on price