Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs are the perfect choice for businesses who want maximum exposure in day and night

Illiminated Signs


lluminated Signs are the perfect choice for businesses who want maximum exposure at night as well as in the day.
There are many types of Illuminated Signs that we manufacture on a daily basis.
All Illuminated signs can be illuminated either with standard florescent Bulbs or LED’S

Fret Cut Illuminated Signs

Fret cut illuminated signs are perfect for businesses who want excellent clarity on text and logos at night as well as in the day.
Fret Cut Illuminated signs only allow light to shine through letters and logos and not through the entire sign

Back Lit 3D Letters

Back lit 3D Letter Illuminated Signs adds a new modern look to signs, The lettering is Commonly made from stainless steel and is still visible at night. The light is projected out the rear of the letters causes a halo effect

Front Lit 3D Letters

Front Lit Illuminated letters are similar to Fret Cut Illuminated Signs, However, The letters are individually placed on to the building instead of been in a box At night, the letters are still perfectly Visible as the lighting comes through the coloured acrylic to the front of the letters.

Over hanging/ Up Lighting Signs

Overhanging sign lights give a classy, yet Subtle look to your sign at night.
These lights can be positioned either above you sign (Overhanging) or below (Up Lighting) to illuminate the face of your sign.

Full Illuminated Signs

Lightbox Signs are full illuminated signs made from acrylic panels. These signs are lit using florescent tubing or LED Lights in an aluminum box.

Double Sided Illuminated Signs

Double Sided Illuminated Signs (Also Know as Projected Signs) are mini light boxes
that stick out from the wall. The text can either by cnc routed out of dibond for a fret cut look or can be full acrylic panels,