Overhanging Light Signs

Overhanging Light Signs are commonly seen at pubs and some clubs. Overhanging light signs are a classy way of lighting up all of your signage with out a lightbox been fitted

Overhanging Light Signs


verhanging light signs are one of the most popular type of illuminated signs we manufacture.
With overhanging light signs, the design on the front can be anything your require including digital images,

The sign it self can also have Flat Cut Lettering applied to it to make it look 3d.
This method of Illuminated Signs gives perfect clarity in day and night. Light will cover the entire sign by the use of up lighting or overhanging lights

The Overhanging Lights can be lit either with LED Lighting or florescent tubes.

There are many types of overhanging lights ( Or Up lights) to choose from

Overhanging Light Signs | Sign Lights
Overhanging Light Signs | Sign Lights
Overhanging Light Signs | Sign Lights

Customizable Size

Overhanging Light Sign can be made to any size as the lights are modular
They can be as small as 610mm x 610mm and can go up to 1400mm x 100ft.

Extensive Colour Options

Overhanging light signs can be made in 15 different colors to include stainless steel effect. The signs can also be ‘wrapped’ in over 400 different colors to include carbon fibre or leather effect.


Overhanging light signs can be lit either with LED Lighting or florescent lighting.
The lights can also be in 3 different styles

Digital Images

Digital images can also be used on Overhanging light signs, Digital images will retain clarity at night and day

Free Design Service

As standard we include all designs within the price of our overhanging light signs
You have unlimited amendments up to the point of signing off the design

Fantastic Duration

All materials we use for Overhanging light signs will last over 7 years as standard.
We firmly believe that you as a customer should have fantastic duration out of your Signage , thus saving money in the long run