post and panel signs | Directional Signs

Post and Panel Signs are a perfect choice for Site Directories, Directional Signs or One big business Sign ( Like Monolith Signs)

Post and Panel Signs


ost and Panel signs can be wall mounted or Free Standing depending on the use of the Post and Panel Signs
Post and Panel signs are suitable for many type of applications to include

  • Site Directories
  • Office Floor Listings
  • Industrial Estates
  • Housing Signs
  • Private Signs

Post and plank signs are a very flexible sign system. The sign can be made up of multi planks to advertise businesses ( For example) on an industrial estate
The Side of the planks are completely customizable allowing you to create a sign for most applications.
The Main Advantages of Post and plank signs is as follows

  • Identify and distinguish areas on your signs by using separate planks.
  • Easily separate departments and locations with these modular panel systems.
  • A range of post shapes options to suit most styles.
  • Panels and post can be of different colours.
  • Changeable when your company needs to expand or needs new tenants added.
  • Suitable for multiple occupancy buildings and offices.

Other than displaying separate items, these signs can also be made to be one professional free standing sign ( E.g To show your company logo at an entrance). When used as a large sign, it becomes similar to a totem pole sign

Post and Panel Signs | Directional Signs
Post and Panel Signs | Directional Signs

High Quality Vinyls

ALL vinyls the we use for Post and Panel Signs are of the highest quality possible, our vinyls should last between 5 – 7 years give you as a customer fantastic Value for money
For Post And Panel Signs, there are 480 Different Colours to include matt, semi matt and gloss colours as well
Practically anything is possible when it comes to colours for your van signwriting

Extensive Options

All Post and Panel Signs are completely Customizable. The size of the planks can be to suit your businesses requirement. The height can also be adjusted to suit multi Panels been used.

Fantastic Pricing Method

Unlike most sign companies, we know that when it comes to Signage, people have very different budgets in mind. Instead of second guessing what people are willing to pay, we simply ask ” What is the ideal price you would pay”. We then do a few different design for your to look at for your budget, giving you the most possible!

Digital Printed Images

Digital Prints can also be used to further distinguish your Post and Panel Signs
All digital prints we do are Laminated to give a life expectancy of 5 – 7 years to match the vinyls we use, give you fantastic value for money

Free Design Service

As standard, we include all design work within the price for Post and Plank Signs
This mean.
You can have unlimited amendments up to confirmation of design

Many Shapes Available

Although Most Post and Panel Signs are either square or rectangular shaped. You can also have many other shaped to include Arched Topped Planks, Or Oval Planks