Projecting Signs | Doubles Sided Signs

Projecting Signs or Double Sided signs are the perfect choice to maximize visibility on the high street

Projecting Signs


ouble Sided Illuminated Signs (Also Know as Projected Signs) are mini light boxes or None illuminated signs that stick out from the wall. The text can either by cnc routed out of dibond for a fret cut look or can be full acrylic panels,

If the Projecting Sign is illuminated, The lights are positioned inside the projected sign so the light shines through both sides giving the sign the same look at night as in day,
Projecting Signs are the perfect choice for busy high streets, as potential customers can see your branding both sides, thus maximizing visibility
Projecting Signs can be no bigger than 3ft x 2ft in size, and must be mounted to a minimum height of 2.2 meters above the pavement ( Buildings Regulations)

The lighting for the Double Sided Illuminated Signs ( Projecting Signs) can either be florescent tubes or LED.Either methods work extremely well.
Advantages of Double Sided Illuminated Signs ( Projecting Signs) are as follows

  • Improves shop front signage visibility at night
  • Is visable in both directions
  • Good for exhibitions and other public events
  • Can be manufactured using florescent tubing or LEDs
  • Choice of Full Illumination or fret cut dibond
  • Looks More professional than a hanging sign
Projecting Signs | Double Sided Signs | Double Sided Illuminated Signs

High Quality Vinyls

ALL vinyls the we use for Double Sided Signs ( Projecting Signs) are of the highest quality possible, our vinyls should last between 5 – 7 years give you as a customer fantastic Value for money
For Double Sided Illuminated Signs, there are 480 Different Colours to include matt, semi matt and gloss colours as well
Practically anything is possible when it comes to colours for your van signwriting

Extensive Options

All Companies should have a different look to each other, We understand the importance of been different from the competitors and make sure all of the Double Sided Illuminated Signs ( Projecting Signs ) we do is as unique as possible. There are unlimited options to choose from when it comes to Doubled Sided Signs

Fantastic Pricing Method

Unlike most sign companies, we know that when it comes to Signage, people have very different budgets in mind. Instead of second guessing what people are willing to pay, we simply ask ” What is the ideal price you would pay”. We then do a few different design for your to look at for your budget, giving you the most possible!

Digital Printed Images

Digital Prints can also be used to further distinguish you from your competitors. We can do simple pictures from your portfolio or full Printed Images
All digital prints we do are Laminated to give a life expectancy of 5 – 7 years to match the vinyls we use, give you fantastic value for money

Free Design Service

As standard, we include all design work within the price for Double Sided Signs.
This mean.
You can have unlimited amendments up to confirmation of design

Many Shapes Available

Although Most Projecting Signs are either square or rectangular shaped. You can also have many other shaped to include

  • Arch Toped
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Custom shaped