Monolith Signs | Totem Signs

Monolith Signs ( Totem Sign) are Visually outstanding alternative to a Post & Panel sign. Monolith signs ( Totem Sign) can be illuminated or non illuminated


onolith Signs ( Totem Signs) are the ultimate signs that get noticed every day.

Monolith Signs (Totem Signs) can be seen every where to include, hotels, petrol stations, restaurants and pet stores. These type of signs give a statement to potential new customers that you are a serious business.

Monolith Signs (Totem Signs) can not only advertise your companies branding, but can also show directions around your premises

These signs can be made to any height up to 25ft tall.

Monolith signs ( Totem Signs ) are similar to post and panel signs but can be much much taller. Monolith Signs (Totem Signs) can be designed to have flat faces, curved faces, or have a mixture of the two. Monolith signs can be fully illuminated or part illuminated in selected areas

Here at Sign Makers West Midlands, We understand all the necessary requirements by Health and safety when making and fixing these types of signs. These Type of sign take a lot longer to manufacture than standard signs as they need to with stand all the elements and more as they are all alone and do not have a solid wall behind to help.

Depending on the design of these Monolith signs ( Totem Signs), monoliths can be manufactured from different materials and using different technologies.

Some of the technologies include, Petrol station Prices, LED/ LCD Screens.

Customizable Size

The system comprises of an aluminium Sub Structure which can be made to any height and up to 1375mm Wide,
The Standard Sizes of monolith signs ( Totem pole signs) range from
1000mm x 1000mm to 1000mm to 3000mm
1200mm x 1200mm to 1200mm to 3000mm
1375mm x 1375mm to 1377mm x 3000mm
These are standard sizes we fit, However, a totem pole ( monolith sign) can be up to
1375mm x 5000mm Tall

Extensive Colour Options

Monolith Signs ( Totem Signs) Can be made from over 480 Different Colours to include matt, semi matt and gloss colours as well
Totem Signs can have as much or as little text on as you like,
Practically anything is possible when it comes to colour

Flat Or Curved Faces

The front and rear face surface of a monolith Sign ( Totem sign) can either be flat, or can have a curved surface.
Curved Front and rear face monoliths are very popular on large monolith signs ( Totem Signs) to give a bigger look.

Material Finish

25 Different Material Finished to include.
brushed stainless steel ( Silver, Blue, Red, Grey, Copper)
chrome ( Blue, Silver, Black)
Carbon Fiber Effect ( Silver, Black, Purple, Chrome, Gold)
As large monolith signs have multi panels, you can also have certain sections in contracting colours.

Unlimited Shape Posibilities

Most monolith signs are square or rectangle in shape, However, you can also have curved topped monolith signs and decorative panels attached to the monolith to add more of an eyecatching look.


Monolith Signs ( Totem Signs) can be part or full illuminated. Most illuminated totem signs are only illuminated in certain sections ( Where text is or a logo) for maximum visibility at light.
Monolith signs can either be illuminated with LED or Florescent Tubes.